Removal, dismantling and assembly of the external hinge. AZLK 2141 (Muscovite)
Service and car repairs of 2141 - the Muscovite.
1. General data
2. Engines
3. Power supply system
4. Cooling system
5. Transmission
5.1. Coupling
5.2. Transmission
5.2.1. Features of a design and service
5.2.2. Features of removal and installation of the transmission
5.2.3. Features of repair of the transmission
5.2.4. Possible malfunctions of the transmission
5.2.5. Main transfer
5.2.6. Drive of forward wheels Design of the drive of forward wheels and care of it Removal and installation of the drive of a forward wheel Dismantling and assembly of hinges of the drive of a forward wheel Removal, dismantling and assembly of the external hinge Dismantling and assembly of the internal hinge Possible malfunctions of the drive of forward wheels
6. Running gear
7. Tires, wheels
8. Steering
9. Brake management
10. Body
11. Electric equipment
12. Electrical circuitries


5-2-6-3-1-snyatie-razborka-i-sborka-naruzhnogo-sharnira.html Removal, dismantling and assembly of the external hinge

Removal and dismantling

1. For removal of the external hinge it is necessary to release a cover 4 (see rice. The drive of a forward wheel) from two collars 2 and 5, accurately to pull together a cover from the case and to advance it on a shaft for the purpose of receiving access to a locking ring 3.
2. To clear the face surface of the hinge of lubricant.
3. To part with nippers or the screw-driver "moustaches" of a locking ring and, at the same time tapping with a soft drift on a holder, to bring down the hinge from shliyets (if necessary after that it is possible to remove a cover for replacement).
4. To wash out the hinge in kerosene and to mark the mutual provision of a separator, holder and case.
5. Accurately tapping with the mandrel (made of soft material) on a separator end face, to press through it and I will embrace to situation when the ball (or two next balls) leaves a path.
6. The mandrel made of soft metal to squeeze out a ball from a separator and a similar way to take out other balls.
7. To develop a separator with a holder in the plane, perpendicular to a hinge case end face so that two extended windows settled down against case ledges, and to take out a separator with a holder.
8. Rotating a holder, to drown one of its ledges in the extended window of a separator and to roll out a holder.
9. To carefully wash out details of the hinge and to check their state, paying special attention to polished surfaces of paths and spherical surfaces of a separator and balls.
10. Existence of cracks, chips and traces of corrosion is inadmissible. At wear of working surfaces of racetracks more than and existence of the defects stated above to replace the hinge with 0,1 mm assembled.


1. Assembly of the external hinge is made as it should be the return to dismantling, taking into account the following.
2. If necessary to replace a locking ring of the hinge.
3. Before assembly to grease all details of the hinge with SHRUS-4 lubricant.
4. At installation of a separator assembled with a holder to provide coincidence of the tags put before dismantling.
5. At installation of balls in a separator to incline a holder on a corner, approximately twice bigger, than a separator tilt angle.
6. To put in the hinge SHRUS-4 lubricant in number of 50 g through a shlitsevy opening of a holder and 25 g on the face surface of the hinge.
7. Before installation of collars to release excess of air from a cover, having delayed the screw-driver an internal landing corbel of a cover.
8. To tighten collars and to check whether there are no cracks in a zone of the lock of collars.
9. At detection of cracks to replace collars new.
10. Collars have to fix reliably antisplash covers on landing corbels and provide to hinges full tightness. Dismantling and assembly of hinges of the drive of a forward wheel Dismantling and assembly of the internal hinge