Transmission. AZLK 2141 (Muscovite)
Service and car repairs of 2141 - the Muscovite.
1. General data
2. Engines
3. Power supply system
4. Cooling system
5. Transmission
5.1. Coupling
5.2. Transmission
6. Running gear
7. Tires, wheels
8. Steering
9. Brake management
10. Body
11. Electric equipment
12. Electrical circuitries



5. Transmission

Press a clutch plate with a casing assembled

1 – basic rings;
2 – press diaphragm spring;
3 – coupling casing;
4 – press disk;
5 – rivet;
6 – connecting plate;
7 – balancing small weights;
8 – openings under adjusting
9 – fixing openings

The conducted clutch plate assembled

1 – rivet of fastening of frictional slips;
2 – frictional slip;
3 – spring plate;
4 – rivet;
5 – damper plate;
6 – damper spring;
7,14 – rings are frictional;
8 – persistent ring of a damper;

9 – a nave of the conducted disk;
10 – spring ring of a damper;
11 – balancing small weight;
12 – persistent finger;
13 – the conducted disk;
In – the size 7,4 – 8,0 mm under load of 377,3 kgfs;
With – the size is 1,5 mm, not less

Adjustment of the drive of switching off of coupling

1 – coupling switching off drive cable cover tip;
2 – lock-nut;
3 – carving plug;
4 – external lever of a shaft of switching off of coupling;
5 – damper;
6 – arm;
7 – protective cover;
8 – insert;
9 – cable tip;
10 – bolt;
11 – switching off lever shaft
12 – shaft plug;
13 – washer 5;
14 – nut;
And – distance between inflow on a case of coupling and a lever 4 head end face;
B – a tag at a shaft end face

On the Muscovite car fashion-2141-01 and all its modifications dry, one-disk coupling with the central press diaphragm spring and a quencher of tortional fluctuations (damper) on the conducted disk is established. The leading part of coupling is the non-demountable knot including a casing, press a disk, a press spring and some other details.

Since 1998 on the Muscovite cars coupling "Onions" (Germany), almost similar on a design with domestic, completely interchangeable (in a set) with it, but having big reliability and durability is established. Because Luk does not provide repair of knots of coupling in operation, and recommends only their replacement, some features of repair are considered only in relation to coupling of production of JSC Moskvich.

Coupling switching off drive mechanical, hummock.

The ball self-installed bearing is in continuous contact with petals of a diaphragm spring that allows to reduce a full speed of a pedal of coupling and to provide fuller switching off of coupling.

Care of coupling consists in check and adjustment of the working course of the lever of a shaft of switching off of coupling 4 (see rice. Adjustment of the drive of switching off of coupling), check of a condition of rubber protective covers of a cable and lack of jammings of a cable in a cover because of stratifications of a cable or its antifrictional cover. Camshaft

5.1. Coupling