Check of the regulator of tension. AZLK 2141 (Muscovite)
Service and car repairs of 2141 - the Muscovite.
1. General data
2. Engines
3. Power supply system
4. Cooling system
5. Transmission
6. Running gear
7. Tires, wheels
8. Steering
9. Brake management
10. Body
11. Electric equipment
11.1. Wires and safety locks
11.2. Block of safety locks and relay
11.3. Scheme of internal connections of the block of safety locks and relay
11.4. Rechargeable battery
11.5. Electric equipment installed on cars of fashion. 2141-01, 2335
11.5.1. G-222 generator Technical characteristic of the generator Control checks of the G-222 (581.3701) generator Check of a winding of excitement of a rotor Check of the stator Check of gates vypryamitelny block Check of the regulator of tension Possible malfunctions of the G-222 generator Dismantling and assembly of the generator Replacement of the brush holder Replacement of the bearing of a rotor from the drive
11.5.2. Starter 35.3708
11.5.3. System of ignition of the engine of fashion. 2106
11.6. Electric equipment (21412-01, 214122, 214123 and 23352, 233522, 233523)
11.7. Electric equipment (2141-01, 21412-01, 214122, 214123 e 2335, 23352, 233522, 233523)
11.8. Control devices
12. Electrical circuitries


11-5-1-2-4-proverka-regulyatora-napryazheniya.html Check of the regulator of tension

The small-sized integrated regulator of tension like Ya-112V is built in the G-222 generator (in the generator 581.3701 – Ya-112A).

It represents non-demountable unregulated knot and is located on a cover from contact rings of the generator.

Operation of the regulator consists in continuous and automatic change of current of excitement of the generator so that tension of the generator was supported in the set limits at change of frequency of rotation and current of loading of the generator.

Scheme of check of the integrated regulator of tension

For check it is necessary to have the voltmeter of a direct current with a scale to 15–30 V, an accuracy class not lower than 1,0.


1. After 15 min. operation of the engine at an average frequency of rotation at the included headlights and the connected rechargeable battery to measure tension between the 30 plugs for G-222 or "" for 581.3701 and "mass" of the generator. Tension has to be in limits 13,5-14,6 B at a temperature of air and the generator of 25±10 °C.
2. At temperatures higher or lower tension can be respectively slightly lower or above
(on 0,2-0,3 B). In this case, if it is observed systematic недозаряд or the recharge of the rechargeable battery and adjustable tension does not keep within the specified limits, the regulator of tension needs to be replaced.
Check of the removed regulator
3. The regulator removed from the generator is checked according to the scheme provided on the drawing.
4. Between conclusions of Sh and V of the regulator to connect the 1-3 W lamp, (12 V). To conclusions of B, In and to attach the battery to "weight" at first of 12 V, and then of 15-16 V.
5. If the regulator is serviceable, then in the first case the lamp has to burn, and in the second – to die away.
6. If the lamp does not burn in both cases, then in the regulator there is an internal break and if breakdown burns in both cases, therefore, in the regulator. Tension regulator is not subject to repair. Check of gates vypryamitelny block Possible malfunctions of the G-222 generator