General information about wheels. AZLK 2141 (Muscovite)
Service and car repairs of 2141 - the Muscovite.
1. General data
2. Engines
3. Power supply system
4. Cooling system
5. Transmission
6. Running gear
7. Tires, wheels
7.1. General information about tires
7.2. Marking of tires
7.3. Wear of tires
7.4. Care of tires
7.5. Possible malfunctions of tires, reasons of their emergence and ways of elimination
7.6. General information about wheels
7.7. Balancing of wheels
7.8. Caps of wheels
7.9. Fastening of a spare wheel
8. Steering
9. Brake management
10. Body
11. Electric equipment
12. Electrical circuitries



7.6. General information about wheels

On cars apply disk wheels which fix to naves of forward and back wheels by means of four bolts of fastening wrapped in flanges of naves. They align wheels the conic surfaces located under a bolt head. For simplification of installation of wheels two clamps of a wheel which are screwed in in a nave serve.

Disks of wheels – tselnoshtampovanny, from sheet steel. In the central part of a disk, except four fixing openings with conic surfaces under bolts, four openings in stiffening ribs which are intended for installation of wheels on clamps are punched. On the periphery of a disk eight decorative openings serving at the same time for ventilation of brake mechanisms are punched.

Wheels have an asymmetrical steel rim with the so-called locking profile on the external landing shelf at which the board of the tire passes at installation through a special ring ledge ("tackle") and is locked by it. Such profile of a rim provides reliable keeping of the tire on a rim, but demands bigger effort and bigger care at dismantle of tires.

On the car establish wheels of dimension 5JX14H:

  – 5 – rim width between vertical regiments of a rim in inches;
  – J – type of the vertical shelf determining its height and a form;
  – 14 – landing diameter under the tire, in inches;
  – N – type of "tackle" on a wheel rim.

The symbol 5JX14H is put with stamping on the outer side of a disk of a wheel, in deepening between two decorative openings. On rim "stream" also stamping put designation of a rim, manufacturer, year of release.

7.5. Possible malfunctions of tires, reasons of their emergence and ways of elimination

7.7. Balancing of wheels