Relay of inclusion of headlights. AZLK 2141 (Muscovite)
Service and car repairs of 2141 - the Muscovite.
1. General data
2. Engines
3. Power supply system
4. Cooling system
5. Transmission
6. Running gear
7. Tires, wheels
8. Steering
9. Brake management
10. Body
11. Electric equipment
11.1. Wires and safety locks
11.2. Block of safety locks and relay
11.3. Scheme of internal connections of the block of safety locks and relay
11.4. Rechargeable battery
11.5. Electric equipment installed on cars of fashion. 2141-01, 2335
11.6. Electric equipment (21412-01, 214122, 214123 and 23352, 233522, 233523)
11.7. Electric equipment (2141-01, 21412-01, 214122, 214123 e 2335, 23352, 233522, 233523)
11.7.1. Ignition switch
11.7.2. Removal, dismantling, assembly and installation of the switch of ignition
11.7.3. Lighting and light alarm system Features of the device Possible malfunctions of lighting and light alarm system Understeering switch Relay of inclusion of headlights Relay breaker of indexes of turn and alarm system
11.7.4. Sound signal
11.7.5. Screen wiper of a wind window
11.7.6. Heater electric motor
11.7.7. Engine cooling system fan electric motor
11.7.8. The electrowarmed back door glass
11.8. Control devices
12. Electrical circuitries


11-7-3-4-rele-vklyucheniya-far.html Relay of inclusion of headlights

Relays of 1 cm rice are used to inclusion of headlights. The block of safety locks and the relay 174.3722 it (is uncovered) also the 11th type 113.3747, installed in the block of safety locks and the relay.

The same relays are used also to inclusion of a sound signal, heating of back glass, the electric motor of the fan of the cooling system of the engine and fog lights.

Tension of turning on of the relay at a temperature of 23±5 °C makes no more than 8 V, and resistance of a winding of 80±5 0 m.

The relay of inclusion of headlights is not subject to repair. Understeering switch Relay breaker of indexes of turn and alarm system