EPHH electromagnetic valve. AZLK 2141 (Muscovite)
Service and car repairs of 2141 - the Muscovite.
1. General data
2. Engines
3. Power supply system
4. Cooling system
5. Transmission
6. Running gear
7. Tires, wheels
8. Steering
9. Brake management
10. Body
11. Electric equipment
11.1. Wires and safety locks
11.2. Block of safety locks and relay
11.3. Scheme of internal connections of the block of safety locks and relay
11.4. Rechargeable battery
11.5. Electric equipment installed on cars of fashion. 2141-01, 2335
11.5.1. G-222 generator
11.5.2. Starter 35.3708
11.5.3. System of ignition of the engine of fashion. 2106 Possible malfunctions of system of ignition Spark plugs Economizer of Compulsory Idling (ECI) EPHH control unit Microswitch EPHH electromagnetic valve Check of the electromagnetic valve Possible malfunctions of the electromagnetic valve Sensor of a control lamp of pressure of oil
11.6. Electric equipment (21412-01, 214122, 214123 and 23352, 233522, 233523)
11.7. Electric equipment (2141-01, 21412-01, 214122, 214123 e 2335, 23352, 233522, 233523)
11.8. Control devices
12. Electrical circuitries


11-5-3-6-ehlektromagnitnyjj-klapan-ehpkhkh.html EPHH electromagnetic valve

On the engine of fashion. 2106 the electromagnetic valve of 1902.3741 type, the managing director of EPHH pneumatic valve in the carburetor is used.

The electromagnetic valve has three unions and two locking elements.

The first locking element is executed by normally closed and serves for dissociation of the central union (connected to the inlet pipeline of the engine) rather inclined union (connected with EPHH pneumatic valve union); the second locking element is executed by normally open and serves for dissociation of the specified inclined union of rather atmospheric union closed by the felt filter and located between electric conclusions of a winding of the valve.

When passing current through a winding of the electromagnetic valve the central and inclined unions have pneumatic communication, and in the absence of current such communication is provided between inclined and atmospheric unions.

Depression from the inlet pipeline is transferred in the first case to EPHH pneumatic valve that does not interfere with receipt of a fuel-air emulsion through system of idling in the engine, and in the second case – the pneumatic valve of EPHH blocks supply of fuel to the engine Possible malfunctions of the microswitch Check of the electromagnetic valve